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MATOC Committee Policy

In keeping with our mission statement, the Committee, on a yearly basis, decides rules and policies to govern the Tournament:

  1. A DeMolay may not compete in the Tournament once he has attained the age of 21. The exception to this rule is contests involving Senior DeMolays (Legion of Honor, Chevalier Investiture, and Installation Service).

  2. A DeMolay may only compete in a particular team contest once per Tournament. For instance, he may not compete in two Chapter Proficiency contests, even if he performs different parts in both contests.

  3. All individual contests will be split into Divisions. Division III will be for DeMolays between 12 and 14 years of age. Division II will be for DeMolays from 15 years of age and above. A two-time winner in Division III automatically moves into Division II. A two-time winner in Division II automatically moves into Division I.

  4. With permission from your Executive Officer, a team for the Initiatory Degree, DeMolay Degree, and/or Chapter Proficiency may be composed of DeMolays from different Chapters. In addition to the existing Open and Champion classes, these intra-Chapter teams will compete in a new Mixed class.

  5. The Champion Level is only for a Jurisdictional contest winner or a previous TOC winner (both individual and team contests). All other competitors (except for Mixed team entries) are placed in the Open Level. Division I does not have these Levels. When a Division III Champion moves into Division II, he has the option of competing on the Open or Champion Level.

  6. A Jurisdiction may only present a single entry as Jurisdictional Champion in the Champion Level for each Division of a contest.

  7. Jurisdictions are asked to provide a minimum of six trained Judges. If a Jurisdiction is unable to provide these Judges, and there is a lack of Judges in the Tournament, the Jurisdiction will be notified in advance if it cannot compete in a given contest.

  8. Registrations have to be 100% complete and on time, with full names of all competitors and all fees paid.

  9. All contest parts and requirements will be defined in the contest specifics Minimum proficiency scores will be defined by the Tournament Auditors.

  10. The Chairman of the Tournament will make judging assignments.

  11. For the Rookie of the Year and new Individual Preceptor contests, a rookie is defined as a DeMolay:
    • whose Initiatory Degree was no more than 14 months prior to the competition date; for example, if this yearís contests occur on September 9, 2006, a rookie must have received his 1st Degree on or after July 9, 2005; and
    • who has not competed in any individual contest before at MATOC
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