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MATOC 2000 Contest Winners
Year Division Chapter Team
9 O'clock Interpolation Open Salisbury
9 O'clock Interpolation Open Catonsville-Palestine
Ceremony of Light Open Salisbury
Ceremony of Light Champion Catonsville-Palestine
Chaplain Open Salisbury
Chapter Proficiency Champion Catonsville-Palestine
Chapter Proficiency Open Chesapeake
Chevalier Open Nations Capital DeMolay
DeMolay Degree Champion Catonsville-Palestine
DeMolay Degree 4th Section Open Tyrean
DeMolay Degree 4th Section Champion Somerton
Flower Talk Champion Catonsville-Palestine
Flower Talk Open Reading
Initiatory Degree Champion Catonsville-Palestine
Magnificent 7 Open Hoyle
Magnificent 7 Champion Catonsville-Palestine
RD Ceremony Champion Reading
RD Ceremony Open Berlin
Recognition Pin Open Tyrean
Recognition Pin Champion Catonsville-Palestine
Rookie of the Year Open General Torbert Richard Layne
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