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MATOC 2012 Contest Winners
Year Division Chapter Team
9 O'clock Interpolation Open Frederick Jake Fenton (Mar); David Hall (Ch); Cole Johnson (MC)
9 O'clock Interpolation Open Tyrean Nigel Lunsford (Ch); Jesse Selby (Mar); Jordan Selby (MC)
Ceremony of Light Division 2 (Champion) Roanoke Valley Ian Pierce (Sp)
Ceremony of Light Division 2 (Open) Frederick Kyle Merhi (Sp)
Ceremony of Light Division 3 (Open) Northeast Jeff Hample (Sp)
Chaplain Division 2 (Open) Northeast Lorenzo Rodriguez (Sp)
Chapter Proficiency Champion Tyrean Curtis Jones (Ch); Nick Liberatore (SS); Nigel Lunsford (JD); David Morgan (SB); Anthony Riggio (SD); Jesse Selby (SC); Jordan Selby (MC); Trey Smith (JS); Jose Vasquez (JC)
DeMolay Degree 4th Section Champion Westhampton Asher Ackman (JD); Kevin Creager (MC); Ryan Heatley (SD)
DeMolay Degree 4th Section Open Frederick Jake Fenton (SD); David Hall (JD); Cole Johnson (MC)
Flower Talk Division 2 (Open) Kempsville Kai-Uwe Rossbach (Sp)
Flower Talk Division 2 (Champion) Tyrean Jordan Selby (Sp)
Individual 5th Preceptor Division 3 (Open) Cmdr W L Herndon Robert Chaney (5P)
Individual 6th Preceptor Division 3 (Open) Mohawk Valley Gaetano Morreale (6P)
Magnificent 7 Division 2 (Champion) Woodlawn Jeremy Schimmel (Sp)
Magnificent 7 Division 2 (Open) Tyrean Nigel Lunsford (Sp)
Orator Division 2 (Open) Frederick Cole Johnson (OR)
Preceptor Corps Open Pennsylvania DeMolay Joe Cirilo (1P); Isaac Holtzer (4P); Matt Maple (5P); Alex Rauschenberger (2P); Alex Rauschenberger (6P); Neal Skibicki (7P); Alex Temple (3P)
Preceptor Trio Division 2 (Open) Pennsylvania DeMolay Isaac Holtzer (Sp)
Preceptor Trio Division 3 (Open) Wantagh Phillip Hurkala (Sp)
RD Ceremony Open Pennsylvania DeMolay Matt Maple (MC); Alex Rauschenberger (Mar)
Rookie of the Year Division 3 (Open) Northeast Miguel Perez (Sp)
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