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MATOC 2022 Contest Winners
Year Division Chapter Team
9 O'clock Interpolation Open Pennsylvania DeMolay Kenton Green (TM); Cole Summerfield (TM); Gary Weyandt III (TM)
9 O'clock Interpolation Champion Petersburg Ryan Barlow (TM); William Erner (TM); Conner Roach (TM)
Ceremony of Light Champion Westhampton Shane Lane (Sp)
Ceremony of Light Open The Knights of Antiquity Tristan Schulbaum (Sp)
Ceremony of Light Open Northeast Chris Misko (Sp)
Chaplain Open Erie Adam Kraus (Ch)
Chaplain Champion Yorkrite Bryce Tekulve (Ch)
Chevalier Champion Ben Franklin Court of Chevaliers Joseph Pullen (GC); John Saltzgeuber (CS); Cole Summerfield (GC); Sean Summerfield (GM); Alexander Swift (CW)
DeMolay Degree Champion Kempsville Jessie Banks (TM); Junior Banks (TM); Hugh Flannagan (TM); Cody Henderson (TM); Michael Keith (TM); Caleb Martin (TM); Colton Martin (TM); Ayden Myers (TM); Riley Ricks (TM); Brady Shrieves (TM)
Father's Talk Champion Nelson J. Briggs Ethan Shoemaker (Sp)
Flower Talk Open Knickerbocker Austin Altman (Sp)
Flower Talk Champion Kempsville Jessie Banks (Sp)
Historical Lecture Open Nelson J. Briggs Peter Ludwig (Sp)
Historical Lecture Open Northeast Ian Bellamy (Sp)
Individual 1st Preceptor Open Westhampton Shane Lane (1P)
Magnificent 7 Champion Yorkrite Bryce Tekulve (Sp)
Majority Service Champion Kempsville Jessie Banks (TM); Hugh Flannagan (TM); Michael Keith (TM); Ayden Myers (TM); Brady Shrieves (TM)
Orator Champion Kempsville Jessie Banks (OR)
Orator Champion Yorkrite Bryce Tekulve (OR)
Preceptor Corps Mixed Team New York DeMolay Austin Altman (TM); Gavin Johnson (TM); Raven Santos (TM); Tristan Schulbaum (TM)
Preceptor Corps Open Kempsville Junior Banks (4P); Hugh Flannagan (2P); Cody Henderson (5P); Michael Keith (3P); Ayden Myers (6P); Riley Ricks (1P); Brady Shrieves (7P)
Rookie of the Year Open Westhampton Shane Lane (Sp)
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