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MATOC Chevalier Contest Winners
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2023 Champion Ben Franklin Court of Chevaliers James Clancy (GM); John Saltzgeuber (GC); Andrew Santilli (CS); Cole Summerfield (GC); Alexander Swift (CW)
2022 Champion Ben Franklin Court of Chevaliers Joseph Pullen (GC); John Saltzgeuber (CS); Cole Summerfield (GC); Sean Summerfield (GM); Alexander Swift (CW)
2019 Mixed Team Pennsylvania DeMolay Joseph Pullen (GC); Sean Reitze (GM); John Saltzgeuber (CS); Alexander Swift (CW); Brandon Whited (GC)
2017 Mixed Team Pennsylvania DeMolay Scott Gilligan (CS); Joseph Pullen (GC); John Saltzgeuber (GM); Alexander Swift (CW)
2016 Open Northeast Scott Gilligan (CS); Jeff Hample (GC); Joseph Pullen (GC); John Saltzgeuber (GM); Alexander Swift (CW)
2015 Open Northeast Jeff Hample (GC); Joseph Pullen (GC); Lorenzo Rodriguez (CS); Alexander Swift (CW); Kris Walking (GM)
2011 Champion Tyrean Jason Allen (CS); Bruce Golway (GC); Harry LARCOMBE (CW); Sean Thom (GM); Anthony Trapani (GC)
2010 Champion Catonsville-Palestine J.C. Davis (GC); Sterling DeBold (GC); Christopher Gotsch (GM); Brian Harden (CS); Lee Linder (CW)
2010 Open Pennsylvania DeMolay Matt Blaisdell (CS); Jeffrey Bortz (GC); Joseph Chubb (GM); W. Thomas Moyer (CW); Alex Rauschenberger (GC)
2009 Open New Jersey DeMolay James Chwalyck (CW); Daniel Lehman (CS); Richard Peterson (GC); Andrew Strucek (GC); Angelo Trapani (GM)
2008 Open Catonsville-Palestine J.C. Davis (CW); Sterling DeBold (GC); William Eppig (CS); Christopher Gotsch (GM); Lee Linder (GC)
2007 Open Pennsylvania DeMolay
2007 Champion Reading
2006 Open Catonsville-Palestine
2006 Champion Reading
2005 Open Reading
2002 Champion Somerton
2001 Open Somerton
2000 Open Nations Capital DeMolay
1997 Open Tyrean
1995 Open Pennsylvania DeMolay
1993 Champion Maryland DeMolay
1992 Open Virginia DeMolay
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