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MATOC Preceptor Trio Contest Winners
Year Division Chapter Team
2021 Open Clifton Val Villarba (Sp)
2019 Division 3 (Open) Speedway Owen Vermeulen (Sp)
2019 Division 2 (Open) Kempsville Jacob Jackson (Sp)
2018 Division 3 (Open) Clifton Ethan Bar-Nadav (Sp)
2018 Division 2 (Champion) Clifton Andrew Gonzalez (Sp)
2018 Division 2 (Open) Westmoreland Michael Darbous (Sp)
2017 Division 3 (Open) Westmoreland Michael Darbous (Sp)
2017 Division 2 (Open) Clifton Andrew Gonzalez (Sp)
2016 Division 2 (Champion) Westmoreland Isaac Holtzer (Sp)
2016 Division 2 (Open) Pilgrim Ray Benoist (Sp)
2015 Division 2 (Champion) Westmoreland Isaac Holtzer (Sp)
2015 Division 2 (Open) Kempsville Jared Jackson (Sp)
2014 Division 2 (Champion) Frederick Zach Guay (Sp)
2014 Division 2 (Open) Roanoke Valley Michael Gish (Sp)
2013 Champion Tyrean
2013 Champion Catonsville-Palestine
2013 Division 2 (Open) Westmoreland Isaac Holtzer (Sp)
2012 Division 3 (Open) Wantagh Phillip Hurkala (Sp)
2012 Division 2 (Open) Pennsylvania DeMolay Isaac Holtzer (Sp)
2011 Division 2 (Open) Roanoke Valley Ben Lester (Sp)
2011 Division 3 (Open) Friendship-Bray David Gerstenfeld (Sp)
2010 Division 3 (Open) Tyrean Rich Allonardo (Sp)
2010 Division 2 (Open) Woodlawn Anthony Rappaport (Sp)
2010 Division 2 (Open) Woodlawn Jeremy Schimmel (Sp)
2009 Division 3 (Open) Orange-Rockland Central Allah Clark (Sp)
2009 Division 2 (Open) Hanging Rock Aaron Parizo (Sp)
2008 Division 2 (Open) Hanging Rock Louie Alvarez (Sp)
2008 Division 3 (Open) Ethan Allen Nicholas Gasorek (Sp)
2007 Division 3 (Open) Alexandria-Washington Brandon Schimmel
2007 Division 2 (Open) Reading Ryan Matetich
2006 Division 3 (Open) Tyrean Anthony Harris
2006 Division 2 (Open) Roanoke Valley Paul Brammer
2005 Open Orange-Rockland Central Nick Iacovitti
2004 Open Samuel S. Lawrence Peter Bard
2004 Champion Tyrean Chris Alt
2003 Open Tyrean Chris Alt
2003 Champion Orange-Rockland Central Brian Bidnick
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